Paranoid Pi

  Portable OpenPGP-enabled Webmail client for @PARANOID Project  
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What is it?!

PARANOID Pi is a pre-configured Raspberry PI image which designed to read and write OpenPGP encrypted emails from the local / home / office network. RPi image consist of @PARANOID scripts, Roundcube webmail 1.2 and Enigma OpenPGP plugin.

Current version of the bundle allows to use your private key to decrypt emails and encrypt emails with public keys within @PARANOID mailbox.


Key features

Everything behind NAT

Encryption, decryption, private keys - everything behind NAT. That's PARANOID.

OpenPGP enabled

Protecting Your Privacy With Strong Encryption. All eMails you get or send are encrypted.

Home IP? No Problem!

All out/incoming emails routed within @PARANOID infrastructure. So no more problems with DynIPs and Spam filters.

Coming soon

VPN tunnel to SMTP/IMAP

eMail fetch to local storage

Preinstalled hardware bundels

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